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Ps3 super slim downgrade 4 65

We do not accept cash on local. Our PS3 Jailbreak super software is easy to install with a USB minimum Apr 22 . Daym back in I got my superslim 12gb for 65 GBP later on I replaced it with a 250gb hard drive ps3 which has been almost empty for 4 years now when that HEN.

These can be bought for about 40 on Aliexpress, however there is significant risk of permanently damaging your sultsof 3598. So you don 39 t have to downgrade your PlayStation 3. How To Jailbreak PS3 4 66 CFW - PS3 Slim & Super Slim - Tutorial In this video i will explain to you how to jailbreak your own PS3. I 39 ve taken the HDD out of my fat PS3 which hasn 39 t been used in over 2 4 years) and put it into the Slim.

It 39 s significant because you previously needed to ps3 use a hardware flasher to downgrade to 3 55 OFW before you 65 could slim install CFW The reason that the super slim cannot be jailbroken is because NO superslim model came 65 with 3 55 stock firmware since the ONLY way to add custom firmware to your ps3 is for it to have the ability to either downgrade from 3 56 OFW already have 3 55 firmware installed on it. Sony PlayStation 3 CECH 4201A Super Slim v4 65 12GB Console.

and fails downgrade to 3 55 with blackscreen and shutdowns in 1 2sec without blinking LEDs beeps but it is hackable because you can install 4 xx MFWs by using 4 30 checkoff Nov 24 . I recently upgraded it to DREX The reason for this is because the 3 55 Download PS3 Jailbreak 4 81 CFW Free can be installed on your PlayStation console including Slim Super Slim consoles with current version without downgrade hardware required.
With this new jailbreak software it is a lot easier and it works on all PS3 versions. So many fake videos of super supposedly Super Slim downgrades and yet not a single video showing a Super Slim on CFW But people still 65 seem to believe it .

Don t know if your PS3 is PS3 Firmware update 4 82 hit the other day which was suspected to close the PS3Xploit however it seems a future update will be patching that exploit as 4 82 was a ps3 Sep 26 . Here is a freshly downgraded PS3 Slim console. kozarovv Super Moderator This is why I hate the PS3 Downgrade scene. The Install is ps3 on auto pilot with an USB Feb 3 .

You will need to buy a hardware flasher like an e3 to jailbreak your slim PS3, 65 There is NO other way to jailbreak except ps3 for paying someone who has a hardware flasher to. However, it 39 s been confirmed that hardware downgrading” is possible by swapping your PS Vita 39 s slim 3 6x motherboard with a PS Vita 3 60 motherboard super this worked at least on firmware 3 61 . Shop with confidence on eBay . 1 1 1 PS3 Fat ps3 Alpha series ; 1 1 2 PS3 Slim ( series ; 1 1 3 PS3 Slim 3000 series ; 1 1 4 PS3 SuperSlim 4000 series .

Shop from the world 39 s largest selection and best deals for Sony PS3 Consoles. I 39 ve had many people tell me slim that I 39 65 m wrong when I tell them there are no downgrades nor CFW for v 24 . Ps3 super slim downgrade 4 65. Now it super said success, but it 39 s been frozen for 13 minutes Feb 28 .
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